Pamela Rinkaus
Purchased our house in 2018 - who looks at trees when you buy your first house? Not us apparently. Once we had the big reveal, my Father in Law pointed out several really large trees, on a hill, leaning towards and over my house. I had several people look at the job and basically tell me either flat out No, or they made the price so insane I couldn't afford it. Niz was recommended to me. They scheduled the estimate, gave me a more than reasonable price and guaranteed me they could get the trees down without harming my property. 8 hours later, we are 6 trees less and very satisfied with the job that was done. Speaking to the climber, he has so much experience! Watching the teamwork as the trees came carefully down was like artwork - very calculated with every move. I held my breath quite a few times (first time ever seeing trees cut!) and WOW! They were absolutely spot on! NOTHING got touched, hurt, moved out of place! I would recommend them to ANYONE and EVERYONE!!! Great job, great price and very pleasant to work with! I will be calling again when I need more trees cut without a doubt!
Ryan Todd
Good job done At a fair price and a free estimate Call (978) 857-6903